Complete Storage Solution

Never lose another treasured photo

No matter what life throws at you, with LuminHouse your pictures will stay high and dry in the cloud. Our galleries are backed up by the most secure cloud storage architecture in the world, trusted by hundreds of thousands of companies for their critical business processes. We think your photos deserve that level of protection.

Spend less time worrying about keeping memories safe and more time making them

Not only will each of your images be safeguarded by several backups but it will also be protected by seriously strong encryption, keeping your data and photos private. You won’t have to worry about traffic overwhelming our website either, because LuminHouse is protected by state-of-the-art Distributed Denial of Service (DdoS) resilient design to keep your galleries live around the clock.

We’ve got your back no matter what

And if you ever need a helping hand, don’t worry our customer service all-stars are always just an e-mail away, ready to help you resolve any issues that might pop up. We get too much of a buzz out of your satisfaction to offer you anything less than the best cloud storage photo solution out there.

Guest Upload

Don’t miss a single thing

Our Guest Upload facility lets you invite snap happy friends and family to share their best images with you. Just send them a secure link and they can effortlessly upload their pics to your gallery.

Build your own collaborative gallery

Don’t worry though: you’re the boss. Moderate every picture before it becomes visible to anyone else. No embarrassing mid-macarena photos from your wedding party or awkward and blurry snaps that look like they were taken by a particularly pushy paparazzi.

Make them days to remember

Preserve and share a complete picture of your most memorable occasions, including the little moments you weren’t there to catch yourself. Showcase those awesome drone shots your nerdy uncle took, every heartwarming hug, goofy grin and chubby baby picture. LuminHouse will keep them safe and ready for you to look back over on nostalgic nights or somewhere down the road when you just really want to embarrass your kids. We won’t judge.

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From your trusted photographer to your trusted account

This unique feature allows any professional photographer you choose to work with, deliver a gallery of photos directly into you own account. You can then easily
access & share your wedding images through LuminHouse’s mobile application from anywhere, at anytime through our cloud solution.



LuminHouse is the safest place for your precious memories

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Unlimited Galleries

A gallery for all your life’s most beautiful moments

Showcase your photos in a beautiful, private and responsive online gallery that’s always ready to show off. Whether you’re accessing it from your browser, mobile or tablet your LuminHouse gallery will always do your pictures justice. No matter if it’s photos from your wedding party, a random romp through the park with the kids or family holidays to far flung places, our elegant masonry grid theme just works – keeping all the attention on your pictures where it belongs.

Drag and drop easy management

Through your dashboard you can effortlessly add your own pictures to those your photographer sent to you. Drag and drop images to organise them into folders, tag them as favourites and safely share them with friends and family, even when you’re on the move. You can make just one image, a handful or a whole gallery visible to anyone you share your gallery with. Plus, you can invite guests to upload their own images via secure links and moderate and control your gallery before a single change becomes visible to anyone else. We make it easy.

Beauty that isn’t just skin deep

We’re not just about looks though: LuminHouse doesn’t skimp on safe-keeping. You can rest assured for as long as you have an account, you will never lose a single picture. We keep redundant and secure backups of every image you upload, so you’ll never have to stress about any of your images disappearing in hardware failure or any of life’s little or big mishaps.

Private and Secure

You deserve a private and safe platform to share your life with loved ones

There’s never been a time in which it has been so easy to stay in touch with our loved ones, no matter how far apart they may be scattered across the globe. But the connectivity offered by social media has its downsides: with free platforms you ultimately become the product and your data the commodity.

Retain ownership of your photos

Lots of big social media companies have privacy policies that get downright creepy with “ownership policies” that technically allow their parent companies to use your images and content in a wide variety of ways from advertisements to training facial recognition algorithms. If you’re looking for an alternative way to share all your wedding pictures and photos of special moments with your kids and friends, we salute you. With LuminHouse you stay totally in control of your own images, keeping your memories safe, private and away from the prying eyes of advertisers.

Social media without the baggage

We don’t mean to sound presumptuous, but our web app could possibly be the best way to securely and selectively share wedding photos, birthdays snaps and the mountains of cute pet and baby photos you’ve accumulated. Not only can you invite friends and family to contribute their own images through our guest upload feature, but your guests can also comment on galleries and images, keeping you connected across the globe without any intrusive data harvesting.



Total Worldwide Access

Always gorgeous, at home or on the go

Thanks to our web app your photos are always within reach, from anywhere, at any time. Access your private gallery and dashboard from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop through your favourite browser. We’ve invested time to get responsive design down, so your gallery always looks as impressive no matter what format it’s displayed in.

Keep the party going, even in the cloud

Share photos and exchange comments with your guests and photographer 24/7, totally location independent. Because we believe that tech should free you, not tie you down.


No credit card required



Sign up for your free account today to try out our service. With a free account you can receive and download a PRO gallery from any professional photographer, upload photos to a shared event and comment on photos.

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