LuminHouse Privacy Policy  

For a definition of any words starting with a capital letter (with the exception of some words used at the start of a sentence), please refer to our Terms document

This Privacy Policy sets out how LuminHouse uses and protects any Personal Data that you supply directly or indirectly while you are using our website and applications. We appreciate that you trust us to take care of the information you share and we are committed to ensuring that your Privacy is protected.

Please read this document carefully to understand how we will treat your Personal Data. When combined with our Terms, our Conditions of Use and our Cookies Policy it forms The Contract with you.


What Personal Data does LuminHouse collect?

We collect only the Personal Data we need to provide The Services you have agreed to receive.

The information we collect includes, but is not limited to: 

  • your name; 

  • your business name (where applicable);

  • your email address;

  • your postal address (where applicable);

  • your phone number;

  • your tax ID (where applicable*);

  • any other contact or identifying information necessary for us to provide The Services to you.  This includes Cookies.  

*Photographers who Withdraw Commission via their LuminHouse Dashboard may need to provide their tax ID for tax reporting purposes.

Who or What Collects your Personal Data?

Some of your Personal Data (e.g. Cookies) will be collected from your browser, smart-phone or tablet when you visit our website or access your LuminHouse Account.  The remainder of the Personal Data we require, will be collected when you Register at and then populate the fields in your Account Dashboard. 

Some Personal Data is also gathered by the Photographer, via their LuminHouse Account, when they create Events and Galleries in order to make your commissioned Photos available to you.

As our services expand, and we offer options like ordering printed products direct from your Account, there may be a need to collect additional Personal Data.  Our policy documents will be updated in line with any changes we make to our services.

How is your Personal Data collected?

We collect Personal Data when you interact with The Services. For example, when you:

  • Register to create a LuminHouse Account and when you Subscribe to The Services;

  • Set up or adjust your Account preferences – including your Privacy settings;

  • Use The Software to Manage or otherwise interact with your Data;

  • Complete transactions such as purchasing Subscriptions or print products (when available);

  • Contact us by email, or otherwise communicate with LuminHouse.


Why do we need your Personal Data?

We need your Personal Data for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that you hold only one Account in the name that you give at Registration;

  • To check that you are who you say you are, should you ask us to send you copies of all the Personal Data we hold about you, or to permanently Delete Files, or to Terminate your Account, or to enable your ‘Right to be Forgotten’ under GDPR law**;

  • To be able to contact you via telephone or email, if there’s something we need to discuss; 

  • To enable your sharing of Photos and Short Videos via the Social Media channels you choose;

  • So that we may take Subscription payments and make Commission payments (where applicable), and provide you with invoices for your purchases, and records of Commission earnings and withdrawals (where applicable); 

  • So that we may make improvements to The Services which will enhance your experience with LuminHouse; 

  • Depending upon your Privacy settings, so that we may send you information related to third party services that we believe will enhance your experience of using The Services, or to advise you of brand new products being launched by LuminHouse Ltd.   


How will we use your Personal Data?

We use the Personal Data we collect for a variety of reasons related to our provision of The Services to you. These include:

  • Providing, personalising and improving The Services;

  • Fulfilling your requests and processing payment transactions and orders;

  • Providing customer support and responding to your questions, comments and feedback;

  • Communicating with you regarding updates and information about The Services, e.g. promotions*, security alerts, and new or revised products;

  • Analyzing and monitoring your usage of The Services;

  • Verifying your identity, preventing fraudulent or illegal activities, and enforcing our policies;

  • Providing and delivering the products you order; 

  • Processing your Subscription to, or Termination of, The Services;

  • Processing other transactions you undertake via The Services; 

  • Providing you with relevant information, such as order confirmations and invoices.


*Subject to the privacy settings you choose at Registration, or later amend via email request to

Who will your Personal Data be Shared with?

The main requirement for your Personal Data is to provide The Services you ask us to provide to you.  We do not share or exchange your Personal Data with, or transfer or sell it to, third party companies who would use it to market their products and services to you – regardless of any correlation (or not) between their services and those of LuminHouse Ltd.

We may release your Personal Data when we have a good-faith belief that the release is appropriate to the following activities: (1) to comply with a judicial proceeding, a court order or a legal process; (2) to enforce our site policies; or (3) to protect ours or others’ rights, property, or safety.

According to the Privacy settings, you choose at Registration, or later revise, we may advise you about third party services provided by known, reputable and apparently GDPR-compliant companies, where there is synergy with the services provided by LuminHouse.

What will be the Effect on You, of us Collecting and Using your Personal Data?

There should be no adverse effect of us collecting and using your Personal Data.  We do it only to provide a positive experience to you. 

You have full control over the Personal Data that’s provided to, and held by, us – although some Personal Data provision is mandatory, in order for us to provide The Services and meet our legal obligations to the Irish Revenue and the Countries, States and Regions in which we deliver the Services.

Is the Intended Use of your Personal Data Likely to Cause You to Object or Complain? 

We perceive no reason why the use of your Personal Data should cause you to object or complain – and you have full control over those aspects of collection and use of your Personal Data that are not governed by the legal requirements we are obliged to adhere to.  

However, should you have cause for objection or complaint we are only too happy to listen and to act according to your concerns, to help make you satisfied with our response and happy to continue using The Services.  Please see our contact details below.

Should we be unable to satisfy you, you have every right to Terminate your Account  and/or invoke your ‘Right to be Forgotten’ under GDPR Article 17.

NB LuminHouse is an Irish company and the Personal Data we collect is governed by Irish and EU law. By accessing or using The Services or otherwise providing information to us, you consent to the processing and transfer of information in and to Ireland and other countries.  We do consider the privacy laws of the countries in which we transact business, and we will include additional Terms as necessary, PROVIDING these do not clash with the requirements of Irish and EU law. 

Other Aspects of Data Privacy that you may have Questions about……

Privacy for Children

We will not knowingly collect or use any Personal Data from children we know to be under the age of 18 or knowingly allow such persons to Register. If we become aware that we have collected Personal Data from a child under age 18, we will take immediate steps to remove that information and Terminate their Account. 

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time by updating this page. This page reflects the most up to date policy and is dated with the date of the most recent change.  All changes are effective immediately, except where there is a material change to the policy. If there is a material change, you will be notified via your Contact Information, in advance of the change coming into effect. 

Transfer of Personal Data to Third Parties in the event of the Sale of LuminHouse Ltd

In the event that any of these occurrences should be brought to bear, we reserve the right to transfer your Personal Data to such third parties.  You retain the right to Terminate your Account  and/or invoke your ‘Right to be Forgotten’ under GDPR Article 17.

How do we Protect your Credit or Debit card Information?

We do not store any credit or debit card information at LuminHouse. We facilitate connectivity to PayPal and Stripe, but we have no access to the Personal Data stored by either of those facilities.  On your LuminHouse Dashboard you will see only the last 4 digits of the card you use to make Subscription payments via Stripe.

Can you Update or Change your Personal Data?

Yes. Customers can access, review, and edit the majority of their Personal Data via their Account Dashboard.  Other Personal Data – your email address and vanity url – may only be modified by LuminHouse staff, via an email sent to  

Can you Delete your Personal Data?

Yes. You may Terminate your Account, or exercise your ‘Right to be Forgotten’ under Article 17 of GDPR, pursuant to LuminHouse’s Terms and Conditions of Use.  Both actions will result in the deletion of your Personal Data (other than the Personal Data we are required to retain by law for legitimate business purposes (e.g. our tax returns), or that which is held in our system backups, until the cycle of backups has caused the permanent removal of your Personal Data).  


Note – If you are a Client of a Photographer, your Photographer may need to retain certain of your Personal Data within their LuminHouse Account, for the purposes of their annual accounting.  The maximum period that this data can be held is 7 years from filing the accounts (UK Photographers). In Ireland the retention period is 6 years. Every country has its own rules about the period for which tax-related data has to be retained by the company concerned.

Contact Us

Our Data Compliance Officer (Grievance Officer for our Indian Clients) is Jo Newman and she welcomes your feedback.  

If you have any comments or concerns about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to contact Jo about anything to do with Personal Data or Privacy, you may reach her via email at  

Complaints to an External Body: 

Should you need to make a complaint to our external Data Authority, it is:


The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland –


Please note – although we talk about GDPR in this document, the regulations only apply to citizens of, and visitors to, the EU and the UK.  However these regulations have been designed to give the utmost protection to your Personal Data and we think that’s a good thing for everyone – so we will apply them to all of our Customers, from wherever in the World they hail.